1. ON a radio
2. Enter the radio frequency (RX-nya), eg like nyetting repeater RX TRB is: 167900
3. Press one button tuning to frekeunsinya kelap wince, and then adjust the frequency of play, then press the tuning once again.
4. What is the frequency of its RX-disetting, and then setting its TX Frequency = 172900. I press F number 1 will appear (blinking) to play 5 (SFT) and press select tuning + (plus sign) because of its TX-greater frequency of the RX-nya. Similarly, vice versa, when its TX-RX is smaller than its then select the minus (-). Hitungannya like this:
172,900 (TRB TX)
167,900 (RX TRB)
-5,000 (offset)

5. Then press select again tuning the number 10 (Offset) enter 5000
6. after that we are setting the name channelnya, to number 16 (MNAME) adjust the tuning to play with his name.
7. then we save, by pressing the F (channelnya dinomor select the position, eg 1 (blinking) and press MR.
8. and then restart the radio, press and power.
9. to see the press VFO frequency
10. to lock / unlock press power + rev.

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